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The establishment of Jiri Urbanek BAND dates back to 1996, not long after the Ostrava Radio Jazz Orchestra (JORO) had been dissolved. The band was founded by three former JORO members:

During its period of existence, the band has recorded four CDs with jazz music:

* Jazz Evergreens, Air Mail Special, Night in Tunisia, On the Sunny Side of the Street

Moreover, Jiri Urbanek produced three author´s CDs with present-day orchestral pop music:

* Sea Breeze, Horizons, Happy Hour

The band was performing in jazz clubs and participated in many jazz festivals, e.g. in Prague, Hradec Kralove, Slany, Tyniste nad Orlici, Prerov, Vsetin, Cesky Tesin, Horice, in Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands), etc..

For all its CDs, the J.U.BAND uses, apart from its rhythmical section also a bigger ensemble of three trumpets, two trombones and three saxophones. This ensemble, under the name of Jiri Urbanek Big-Band & Dana Vrchovska was performing at festivals in Prerov and Vsetin and it was great honour to be able to participate in one of the concerts of the JANACEK MAY festival of classical music (2001). For three years now, the J.U.BAND has been performing, as follows:

with Rudolf Brezina (tenorsaxophone) ,Milan Straka (clarinet, sopransax) and Radek Kral (clarinet, tenorsaxophone, sopransax).

Koncerty, aktuality

November 4 2011
Koncert - Ostrava klub Parník
Koncert - Ostrava klub Parník

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